Tales of the Shackles

Starday, 23rd Kuthona, 4711 A.R.

’Ee came. Just like we knew ’ee would.

But we were ready for ‘im. Well, as ready as we could be. An’ with a bit o’ quick thinkin’, maybe we rid the Shackles o’ one o’ its nastiest threats.

The Deathknell came while we were makin’ for Little Oppara. Night fell, an’ we all ‘eld onto our weapons an’ waited.

There ‘ee is. Comin’ out o’ the gloom. An’ the two ships meet. Over go the officers, an’ ‘ere come Pilk’s crew. It were like a cultural exchange. Aye, between the livin’ an’ the dead.

So all’s I can do is hack an’ slash at ‘em. The ship’s overrun with ‘em, stinkin’ undead whalin’ crewmen. Some wi’ ancient cutlasses, some o’ them just clawin’ at our faces. One o’ them just ups an’ picks poor Jack Scrimshaw up, an’ plunges over the side, down into the brine. Lost forever.

Meanwhile, over on the Deathknell, our officers end up in a battle wi’ Pilk ‘imself. They get up onto the fo’c’s’le wi’ ‘im, and ’ee’s ringin’ on that big ship’s bell an’ reachin’ out wi’ that cold ‘and o’ ‘is, through Black ’ands’ flesh, an’ graspin’ right at’ is very ‘eart, squeezin’ the life out o’ ‘im. It’s Perri what ‘as the idea to sunder the ship’s bell, an’ after a deal o’ effort, the bell’s smashed to smithereens.

An’ that’s it! Pilk screams ‘is last – probably a mercy, if you believe any o’ the tales Perri told us about ‘im – and the rest o’ ‘is crew return to their deathly slumber. But the ’old’s full o’ treasure, so we form up a line an’ chuck all o’ the boxes out o’ the ‘old while Perri screams at us – ’ee used to be such a mild sort, now ’ee can scream like a banshee. Still, we got all the treasure out, an’ finished our journey to Little Oppara wi’ the bones o’ the once-mighty Whalebone Pilk lashed to the figurehead!


Uncle_DM Uncle_DM

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