Tales of the Shackles

Wealday, 17th Abadius, 4712 A.R.

We found Mancatcher Cove alright! It’s a huge blue ‘ole in the ground, what cuts a strange circular bay in the side o’ a little isle, and Pharasma alone knows how deep it is. Deep enough that I wouldn’t dive it even if I ’ad magical gills!

There’s Sahuagin in these waters too, no doubt about that. The boys pulled one o’ the things out o’ the water, an’ Perri placed a magical charm on the thing. ‘Ee told ’em that there were a beast in the cove what terrified even the fish devils ’emselves. So the officers came up wi’ a strange plan. They got one o’ Fishguts’ chickens, stuck it on a barrel, an’ Xiao covered it in Faerie Fire so they could see it, then shoved it out floatin’ into the cove.

Sure enough, after a couple moments, up whipped the glowin’ chicken into the canopy above the cove, where I reckon it were munched up by some unseen ‘orror instead of by the ’ungry crew. Which don’t seem really fair, but showed us where the legendary “Beast o’ Mancatcher Cover” was.

Valiant ‘eroes would no doubt’a floated into the cove wi’ their swords out an’ challenged the beast to a duel. An’ no doubt they’d’a ended up like Mr. Chicken. We used our ‘eads, though, an’ mounted an expedition to the island itself.

Took us a couple days but we got all the vines cut down, leavin’ nowhere fer the beast to ‘ide. Whether ’ee fell in the drink or not we don’t know – it ‘ardly matters, though. ’Ee’s not a threat no more.

That goblin they let on board is an odd sort. Saw ‘im chasin’ a monkey around the island earlier wi’ a turnip in each ‘and. Comes back to the ship wi’ a barrel full o’ live monkeys. We been findin’ ‘em all over the ship fer the last couple hours. Ten silvers say we’ll be still findin’ the little beggars a week from now. Still, the goblin ‘ad a song in ’is ’ead wi’ crucial clues fer findin’ the treasure o’ Mancatcher Cove, an’ tomorrow mornin’ at first light we find out whether the little fellow’s song is anythin’ more than hogwash. It’s even odds right now.


Uncle_DM Uncle_DM

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