• "Badger" Medlar

    "Badger" Medlar

    The streak-haired half-elf is a passable pirate, and just keeps her head down and gets on with her tasks in a dogged fashion. Reliable and steady. Bedger was abducted and eaten by sahuagin raiders.
  • 'Slippery' Sly Lonnegan

    'Slippery' Sly Lonnegan

    Sly Lonnegan is proving himself to be a loose cannon. Most of the crew assume he's a little insane. He's regularly involved in fights, and has been implicated in a string of unsolved thefts aboard the ship.
  • Amaryllis the Wanderer

    Amaryllis the Wanderer

    Amaryllis was unwilling to give her family name when she joined the crew. She would be the perfect crewmember if she wasn't so unwilling to follow orders.
  • Ambrose 'Fishguts' Kroop

    Ambrose 'Fishguts' Kroop

    It turns out, much to everyone's amazement, that once out from under the thumbs of Plugg, Scourge and Harrigan, Ambrose Kroop is a fine seaman and a wealth of piratical experience.
  • Aretta Bansion

    Aretta Bansion

    Shifty and feckless, Aretta would much rather find the easy way than the right way to complete any task.
  • Calliope James

    Calliope James

    Calliope is said to have visited every corner of the Shackles, and to be immune to sunburn.
  • Chu "Mantis" Lin

    Chu "Mantis" Lin

    The crew are convinced that Lin is either an exiled Tian princess or a mysterious assassin on a secret quest. In reality, she's probably just another pirate. Probably.
  • Daisuke Jugondo

    Daisuke Jugondo

    Daisuke claims to be a powerful sorcerer, and the crew certainly believe he brings them great fortune. He's a fine sailor but an inveterate gambler and liar.
  • Dillyn O'Calley

    Dillyn O'Calley

    Shackles born and bred, Dillyn is deeply religious. He eschews the use of an eye-patch, enjoying the discomfort his ruined eye socket causes others. Dillyn was abducted and eaten by sahuagin raiders.
  • Free Captain Barnabas Harrigan

    Free Captain Barnabas Harrigan

    Press-ganger, pirate and slaver, Barnabas Harrigan is the scourge of the sealanes and captain of the Wormwood.
  • Free Captain Gilliam LeSable

    Free Captain Gilliam LeSable

    A surprisingly cultured orc pirate, Free Captain Gilliam LeSable is the captain of the Dead of Night
  • Free Captain Merrill Pegsworthy

    Free Captain Merrill Pegsworthy

    A Free Captain of the Shackles dressed in the remains of an Andoran military uniform but with a peg leg.
  • Galstak, Taker of Silver

    Galstak, Taker of Silver

    The ritual scarring of which the Shoanti tribesmen are so fond cerrtainly makes this fellow look fierce, but he has a surprisingly kind heart. Until he gets the scent of battle, that is…
  • Giffer Tibbs

    Giffer Tibbs

    When you think of the dregs of society, Giffer Tibbs is the mental image you'd conjure up. A scrawny gnome with only one eye, Giffer would be ideal for comic relief if only you weren't trying to run an efficient crew.
  • Hildebrand Robespierre

    Hildebrand Robespierre

    Wrongfully presented as Karell Heidegger's murderer, Hildebrand landed on his feet when Captain Black Hands offered him a place on the crew. Despite these unfortunate beginnings, Hildebrand seems like an unusually lucky man.
  • Jack Scrimshaw

    Jack Scrimshaw

    After getting rescued time and again from the perils of a seafaring life, Jack was finally killed by Whalebone Pilk's zombie crew.
  • Jaundiced Jape

    Jaundiced Jape

    The big mute half-orc will famously do anything for a gold coin. Except, it would seem, pull his weight aboard ship.
  • Jeremiah Tollervey

    Jeremiah Tollervey

    A scholarly alchemist from Ustalav, Tollervey never really fit in with the hurly-burly world of the Shackles.
  • Jolis Raffles

    Jolis Raffles

    A Pirate Lord of the Shackles and enemy of slavers, Raffles sits at the centre of the largest anti-slavery operation in the Isles.
  • Karell Heidegger

    Karell Heidegger

    Karell was eager to sign up for a voyage, but since then has remained quiet and distant. Naturally, the rest of the crew is ablaze with rumours of the horrible crimes from which he must be fleeing.
  • Linny


    A Kobold ne'er-do-well recruited from the crew of the Devil's Pallor. After less than three weeks aboard, he was killed in battle with the zombies of the 'Deathknell'.
  • Maheem


    The scowling Rahadoumi Maheem scowls a lot more now, having had one of his hands cleaved off by the captain.
  • Marielle the Korvosan

    Marielle the Korvosan

    A devout worshipper of Groetus, the god of the end of days, Marielle is convinced that 4712 A.R. is the year that the world will end. Still, she's a fine sailor, so most of the crew just smile and nod.
  • Mary Tanner

    Mary Tanner

    Sentenced to death in Cheliax for the crimes of her late husband, she escaped the gallows in daring fashion and fled to the Shackles, where she discovered a talent for piracy.
  • Meepa the Great

    Meepa the Great

    Captain of the Breath of Fire, Meepa the Great is a magic-using slaver with a crew of fiendish creatures. The only thing bigger than his ambition is his ego.
  • Milibandi


    This wealthy and sophisticated badger-headed rakshasa plies the slave trade from his base in the Rampore Isles
  • Mtumo Abendi

    Mtumo Abendi

    When he's in his cups, Mtumo claims to be able to hear his ancestors singing to him. If you ever ask him about it when he's sober, though, he just laughs as if you're an idiot.
  • Owlbear Hartshorn

    Owlbear Hartshorn

    Owlbear is enjoying his newfound freedom, and his ready smile and endless barking of random phrases has made him something of a ship's mascot. He is, naturally, an utterly hopeless sailor and a next-to-useless pirate.
  • Rickety Hake

    Rickety Hake

    Legendary ship squibber and de facto mayor of Rickety's Squibs
  • Rosie Cusswell

    Rosie Cusswell

    A stalwart of the crew, it was a sad day when Rosie was hit by lightning in the crow's nest and killed instantly.
  • Samben Holst

    Samben Holst

    This grizzled veteran of over a dozen pirate cruises has signed on for what he promises is his last adventure. He was right - he now lies dead, killed by the undead crew of Whalebone Pilk's 'Deathknell'.
  • Samir Ibn Khalik

    Samir Ibn Khalik

    A Qadiran merchant who realised that there were more profits in taking than trading. Once a worshipper of Abadar, god of wealth and law, but now much more interested in the former than the latter.
  • Sandara Quinn

    Sandara Quinn

    As comfortable aboard ship as she ever is ashore, Sandara is a worthy addition to any pirate crew.
  • Shivikah


    This tall, taciturn Mwangi woman has very little to say, selectively forgetting the common tongue when it suits her. The rumours have it that she was once a slaver. Now, though, she's just another face among the crew.
  • Steptoe Clegg

    Steptoe Clegg

    With a peg leg, wooden arm and false teeth, there is not much left of the man Steptoe Clegg once was.
  • Sulwyn Unterjaeger

    Sulwyn Unterjaeger

    A 'saltbeard' dwarf - one who grew up at sea rather than in the dwarven halls. Don't let her hear you calling her saltbeard though - she's quick to anger and brawny as a slab of ham.
  • Suris Cawber

    Suris Cawber

    Lank-haired and scarred, Cawber is a master of obscure knots and an agile rigger
  • Tam "Narwhal" Tate

    Tam "Narwhal" Tate

    Tam Tate was one of Plugg and Scourge's cronies before the mutiny, but since Black Hands came to power this ugly-nosed dwarf has been nothing but fawning platitudes.