Jolis Raffles

A Pirate Lord of the Shackles and enemy of slavers, Raffles sits at the centre of the largest anti-slavery operation in the Isles.


Bag Island’s lord, Jolis Raffles, was born and raised in the devil-worshiping country of Cheliax, but when he was captured and forced into servitude as a rower on the galleon Fiend of the Waves, he quickly grew disillusioned with the nation he once loved. Raffles was able to inspire a mutiny among the hundred-some other enslaved halfling rowers, and they overthrew their captors. The revolt allowed Raffles and his fellows to throw off their shackles, and the mutinous crew renamed their captured ship Chains of Freedom in honor of their newly forged independence. Rather than repatriate themselves back to the nation that had so cavalierly stolen their freedom, Raffles and his crew took to the pirate life as well as the pursuit of justice, and embarked on a string of daring raids on Chelish slavers. Before long, the charismatic ex-thrall and his loyal followers had liberated nearly a thousand slaves,many of them halflings.

Raffles’s continued commitment to crushing the slave trade is demonstrated by his ongoing conflict with the much-hated Bedu Hanji and the Rampore Isles to Bag Island’s north. A greater contrast between pirate centers could not be found in all the Shackles, as the rakshasa-led northern islands are a major axis of the slave trade. The two island nations have been involved in a cold war for years now, and not a week goes by without a Bag Island ship encountering a vessel flying the blood-red flag of Rampore. Bag Island crews fight to the death in such conflicts, as captured individuals are inevitably crucified on the southern shore of Rampore’s largest island. Raffles himself narrowly avoided capture in one such encounter, losing much of the sight in his left eye when a slaver’s stray arrow tore off a good chunk of his face. Since then, Jolis has started to contract private agents outside Bag Island for clandestine missions to the Rampore Isles in hopes of disrupting Hanji’s lucrative operations.

Jolis Raffles himself lives in a sprawling manor that sits atop a hill overlooking Slipcove. For the past 6 years he hasn’t commanded a ship, instead delegating that responsibility to trusted subordinates. Raffles’ sedentary lifestyle has allowed the ruler to indulge in his excessive appetite, and as a result the ruler has grown quite lax in recent times.

Jolis Raffles

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