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  • Mr. Plugg

    Plugg is now deceased, skewered through the throat by a magical harpoon cast by Captain Blackhands as he attempted to flee from the mutiny on the _Man's Promise_.

  • Meepa the Great

    Meepa the Great was responsible for the sinking of the _High Winds_ and the capture of the crew. A known slaver and pirate, Meepa considers all sentient beings to be his minions by divine mandate. His galley is crewed by magma mephits of unknown …

  • Free Captain Barnabas Harrigan

    Ultimately responsible of the press-ganging of the PCs at the opening of our tale, Barnabas Harrigan is a violent, merciless scoundrel. He had almost no interaction with the crew during their time on the Wormwood, and would have anyone who dared speak to …

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