Tales of the Shackles

Oathday, 12th of Lamashan, 4711 A.R.

Tonight Plugg and Scourge got ta see the backs o’ the new fish. Can’t really say what ‘appened. I think there was a fight or somethin’, but I reckon that’s the last chance these’ll get off old Plugg. They been steppin’ on ‘is beard since they’d got ‘ere, all knockin’ on the cabin door and sayin’ stuff what gets ‘im riled. Specially that orc – ’as ’ee even got a name? After this dust-up, I saw ’im just lookin’ at Scourge, like ‘ee didn’t care whether ‘ee lived or got Jakes Magpie’s supper.

Anyway, cap’n came out to see what was goin’ on, and took one o’ their lashes for ‘is own – if they get on cap’n’s bad side now, it’ll be the worse for ‘em. Crew reckons cap’n can kill a man with one stroke o’ the whip.

Food’s as bad as ever. I ’ope next port they press-gang a chef.


Uncle_DM Uncle_DM

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