Tales of the Shackles

Oathday, 19th Lamashan, 4711 A.R.

Bit o’ good news today! Plugg an’ Scourge sent their best friends (that’ll be Perri, Zerilda, Washin, Bert and the half-orc) out in the jolly boat to catch a couple o’ crabs on a reef. They did good an’ brought back a pretty bushel o’ salt crabs which even Fishguts Kroop couldn’t muck up cookin’. We all ate good today. But I’m gettin’ a feelin’ that the crew’s dividin’. ‘Alf o’ them are in with the crab-catchers, the other ‘alf spend more an’ more time with that Scourge an’ ‘is mates. Somethin’s brewin’ on the Wormwood, an’ one way or another it’ll end with men used as scabbards.

Still, the wind she’s-a-blowin’ from the north an’ we’ve got a good ‘ead o’ speed on us. Cap’n’s bringin’ us out from the Slitherin’ Coast into the Fever Sea. We’re bound ta see a sail ‘ere too long, then there’ll be a merry jape to take the crew’s mind off it!


Uncle_DM Uncle_DM

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