Tales of the Shackles

Oathday, 25th Abadius, 4712 A.R.

Not sure if I’m goin’ to be able to write this wi’ a steady ‘and. Been up at the ’Urricane King’s kip, Fort Hazard, fer a knees-up to celebrate Perri gettin’ accepted as a proper Free Captain o’ the Shackles.

It weren’t just a walk in the door, though. Bonefist sent down ‘is first mate, Tsadok Goldtooth, to do some tests to make sure we were a proper pirate crew. Well, says I, you take a ship out and cruise around fer a couple o’ days, you’ll find out right quick if we are proper buccaneers or not! Course, I didn’t actually say that. But I thought it. Loudly.

Anyway, I reckon ‘ee just made these tests up as ’ee went along, the daft bugger. Duaros ’ad to climb up the mast an’ unfurl the mains and royals faster than Goldtooth’s man did on their ship. It were a bit o’ a mess to be quite honest, but our Duaros maintains ‘ee won by the letter o’ the law. But we all know ‘is grey stuff’s three sheets to the wind on what makes the law the law. Then we ‘ad to fight some marsh giant an’ play Tsadok in a game o’ Bastard’s Fool – surprisingly no problem for our cap’n, given Tsadok’s less-than-scrupulous reputation. Still, ‘ee weren’t going to give us the go-ahead on grounds that we didn’t have a Free Captain sponsor, when who should hobble into the fray but what’s left o’ Merrill Pegsworthy! Well, with ‘im chucking ’is anchor into the drink, Tsadok didn’t ’ave a leg to stand on – even less that Pegsworthy!

So up we all gallivant fer a word wi’ old Bonefist. ‘Is place looks even bigger on the inside than what it does from the out! Stories talk o’ treasure squirreled away beneath the flagstones o’ the place, an’ not just Bonefist’s loot neither, but forgotten loot from long ago. Ain’t no way to get to it, course, but a girl can dream.

Still, Perri got ‘is letter o’ marque, so we can sail th’ Shackles without ’aving to worry about getting picked on by no other Free Captains! At least, not officially. But when does official count fer much round ’ere?


Uncle_DM Uncle_DM

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